A Simple Step By Step Guide to Starting Your Business With Xyfil


First Things Frist


You will need to think about which market you want to enter. Are you already operating in the vape industry and want to expand? Do you want to branch out into CBD products? Do you believe cosmetics are the future? If you need help on deciding what’s best for your business and want to talk to an industry expert, we are happy to help. Once you have chosen your ideal market, then you are ready to begin.

Is It Worth It?


Vape Industry


Hand Sanitising Industry


CBD Industry

Step 1


Your product range will form the basis of a business plan for your brand. Selecting which products you want is no easy decision, that’s why our industry experts are on hand with useful recommendations and market advice. You may already have an idea, let’s get started today.

Step 2


Once you have selected an ideal market and product range, it’s important to start tailoring your decisions to create a unique product that will help you stand out. Xyfil offers an entirely customisable approach allowing you to choose a range of container types, flavours, strengths, ingredients, target audience and much more.


TPD, Short-fill or both?

Bespoke containers or industry standard?

Signature flavours or Xyfil’s flavour range?

Hand Sanitiser

Types of containers

B2B, B2C or Both?

Scented or unscented


Product Type, Cream, drops, ect.



Step 3


Partner with our R&D experts to refine and develop your product until you are completely satisfied. Create samples to try and test your range, enabling you to see what works best.


Choose from our flavour range, or curate your own flavour profiles with the help of our flavour specialist. A wide range from fruit, sweets, tobacco and more.


Sample them for development and discuss with our flavour specialist. Tweak and update flavours and strengths.


Finalise your flavours and ranges ready for the design team to bring your ideas to life.

Step 4


Once we have developed your products, you can work alongside our experienced graphic designers to help bring your brand to life. Our creative studio can develop your logo, packaging, artwork, POS and marketing materials to effectively capture and communicate your brand vision.


There are two options at this stage in the process. You can provide us with a brief of the designs you would like creating or you can ask us to create entirely original artwork based on the expert judgment of our creative studio.

Initial Review

Once initial design drafts have been produced, we will assess and review them together, taking any changes and suggestions into account.

Finalising Designs

After careful consideration of the feedback gathered from the initial review, we can begin building the ‘final’ design. As the process moves along, there will be instances of going back and forth with designs to ensure your brand’s vision will be communicated clearly.

Full Range

The final designs will be implemented across the full range and represented as digital mock-ups and POS materials to help visualise your products.

Sign Off

There will be a final review and Quality Control check before we go to the print and production stage.

Step 5


Our 6-stage compliance process ensures your products adhere to market-specific regulatory standards and trade licences across international markets.

Step 6


From our 40,000m2 production facility in the UK, our state-of-the-art laboratory and ISO 7 clean rooms can produce up to 2.5 million products every month.

Step 7


From our facility you have the option of on-site warehouse storage and we offer logistical support across the UK and beyond. Xyfil can manage your supply chain through drop-shipping to local retailers and customers.


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