Xyfil offers industry-leading compliance services, tailoring your products for the UAE market.

Extensive investment in design capabilities and expertise means your products are in safe hands. Our in-house compliance department are able to carefully adapt all your artwork and packaging elements to secure ESMA approval, enabling fast-track access to a brand-new market.


Our unrivalled 6-Stage Compliance Process provides the complete gateway solution to ESMA registration and trade licensing.

What is ESMA and why is it important?

The Emirates Authority for Standardization & Metrology, or simply ESMA, is a UAE Federal Authority that ensures the quality of local and imported goods. ESMA oversees and ultimately determines the accreditation of all e-liquid products.

ESMA Approval is significantly important in identifying a premium brand. Fully compliant products are officially recognised as high-quality and of a certain standard, helping promote a reputable brand image.

• Obtain UAE Trade License
• ISO 9001 Credentials and Declarations
• Health warnings in English and Arabic
• Correct hazard symbols

• Validity of product
• Tactile hazard warnings
• Safety leaflet in English and Arabic
• Transparent ingredients disclosure

Tried and Tested

Xyfil is uniquely placed and experienced in dealing with international compliance standards. We offer end-to-end compliance services to over 100 brands worldwide, providing entirely bespoke design solutions to adhere to institutional regulatory frameworks.

The compliance process begins with sample submissions to ESMA for analytical testing. Should your e-liquid require any modifications to meet the standards, we are able to do this for you at one of our state-of-the-art ISO 9001 accredited laboratory facilities in the UK or UAE.