Whether you’re an overseas customer breaking the UAE Market, or a new brand looking to make traction, everyone can use a helping hand. offers My Vapery UAE as a distribution channel for all of our customers. Our long heritage in the industry has left us well connected with retailers and distributors across the UAE, continental Europe and the USA. All of this is coupled with our own online storefront too.



The way this works is quite simple: We manufacture your product; We buy back from you at your regular price-break for the volume we purchase…and that’s it!


If you have specific relationships and you’d rather work direction, we know who to approach and who not to approach. If there’s specific doors we can open that you can’t yet reach, we’ll give you the boost needed. We can supply direct to large distributors in key territories or we can focus on retailers and leave the distributors to you. In short, we’re very flexible with how you want us to work on your behalf.

Even as a non-manufacturing customer, we’re always looking for big brands with ‘crowd pleaser’ liquids to distribute, too. This means that with B2C, there’s always reasons to shop with us rather than having a shop full of potentially unknown brands and products.

If you are interested in learning more about us distributing, holding stock or providing fulfilment services, please contact us today.